Tram Platforms

Tram Platform 1905

Streetcars often allow people to enter from ground level, without requiring use of a platform, much like a bus and for the same reason. Kato’s recent Unitram model of the Toyama City Portram (like Tomix’s earlier models of the same) depict such low-floor trams. However, Tōkyō’s two remaining light-rail lines use high platforms and trams designed for them, which is one reason I didn’t use the Portram.

Thus, my tram line needs tram platforms, and fortunately Tomix has come through. Their Mini Platform Set (part number 4060) has the parts needed to make a 466mm long platform, or various multiples of 70mm. I used four sets to make 210mm platforms for my 160mm articulated tram. I’ve added a page on Tomix’s Mini-Rail subset of Finetrack with a more detailed description of the platform, and additional photos. This small (16mm deep at the top) platform looks appropriate for a small high-platform tram. It’s actually lower (12mm vs 14mm) than my usual Kato platforms, and because I can make it shorter it’s sized appropriately for the tram.

The appearance isn’t quite as good as Kato’s, but it’s not bad, and these won’t be front-center in the scene. With some paint and detailing I expect they’ll look fine for how I’m using them.

Right now I have four platforms: a single side-platform flanking the terminal track under the elevated station, a single mid-track island platform between the lines about halfway around the loop, and a pair of side platforms flanking the single track at the other terminal. These still await painting and addition of final details (like most of my structures). I’m waiting on warmer weather and/or the purchase of a spray booth before I start re-learning how to use my airbrush. Since these are pretty small and simple, they’ll probably be one of the first things I finish.

In other website updates, I’ve:
  • added my two newest trains, a Jōban E531 (15 cars) and a Super View Odoriko Limited Express (10 cars) to the roster page, as well as updating the roster photo album,

  • added several of the newer trains to the detail pages linked from the main roster page,