Kato’s New Buildings

Kato New Buildings 2148

Kato’s four new tower buildings are available now in Japan, and mine just arrived. Although these aren’t modular (like Kato’s older towers), and the signs are all pre-attached, these are still very nice structures. Two very interesting details came to light once I had them.

First, the buildings are equipped for interior lighting. A small mounting point at the base can take some kind of light source, and a strip of clear plastic inside the building will carry light up and diffuse it at each floor:

Kato Building Base 2161

Secondly, it’s pretty clear that these are coming to the U.S. eventually. The packaging bear’s Kato U.S.A.’s name, as well as the info for Kato Japan:

Kato Building Packaging 2162

I’ve created a page with more detail on these, and also copied all of the photos there to the Structure photo album.

Update: Friday, 2 July 2010: I’ve added several more up-close photos of these buildings to the Scenery photo album, as well as to the new Towers Page.