Error 404

or "You have reached the end of the Internet; don't panic"

Don't you just hate numeric errors? If you've arrived here, it means that the URL (web page address) you entered led to my site, but not to a valid page within it.

The most likely reason is that something caused the structure of the site to change. I try to put in redirects for such rearrangements, but I probably don't remember to do all of them.

Another possibility is that you used a bookmarked URL to a page that included the “.hmtl” extension on the end. A number of these pages have changed from html to php. I had some rules in to try to hide this, but in late Feb 2012 those broke, and until I can fix them you may need to correct the URL yourself (or just go to the home page and navigate to the current one). Here’s what’s going on:

As of late November 2011 I began changing pages to use links with no extension (except on the Musings page) and changing the extension from “.html” to “.php” behind the scenes. For pages outside of the Musings section, you can retry the URL without any extension (remove the entire “index.html” part and end with the “/“) or for a musing, retry it with “.php” instead of “.html”.

Other Causes
You could also get here if you typo'd a URL, or if for some reason I deleted a page and failed to delete all old references to it (but I try to avoid deleting pages for just that reason). You could also get here by clicking a link that had been damaged or typo'd.

I also, very rarely, relocate a page within the site. But when I do I always redirect old queries to the new location, so unless I’ve typo’d something that shouldn’t cause an error.

In any case, what you're looking for is probably here, somewhere.

Note: This site was originally in Apple’s iWeb, although it moved to the current system in 2011. Some of the older and (I think) less interesting iWeb pages haven't been converted over yet, so what you're looking for might not be here. The content from these pages was generally in need of major updating (or reorganizing) and I'll be working on that over time and adding more pages for that material as I do.

You can use the search box above to look for things, or click on one of the names in the bar on the left, which are top-level pages, many of which have one or more levels of other pages below them.

What Changed from iWeb?

The old sections (e.g., Model Trains) were reorganized and turned into directories with pages organized below them. Mostly this doesn't look any different from the outside. However, in some cases things are now two or more layers deep, and you need to look inside a broader category to find a more specific one.

This should make it easier for new people to find things (and everyone else to find things they didn't know were here), but it's going to be a pain for anyone with bookmarks to a favorite page. I'm sorry about that, but this change really is for the best.

And if in doubt, feel free to drop me an email. The address is on the About the Site page. If the material hasn't yet been converted, I'll move it to the head of my to-do list if someone is looking for it. Include the URL that got you to this page if you can, as that will make it easier for me to find the old page in my files.